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Tac-Com Tracking has to be the ultimate in tracking companies, all our trackers are hand built at our own workshop in Luxembourg by skilled technicians. They are designed and fabricated to use the latest in tracking propriety technology providing global connectivity.

Behind each and every design there is a wealth of experience and knowledge from the Tac-Com Team, who have  been drawn together from many different streams of life and employments, this is what gives Tac-Com Trackers the edge over other tracking companies, we have actually been out there and had the experience of working with trackers and tracking platforms.

Tac-Com trackers are made to survive and unlike many other sellers we have our own tracking servers, mapping and App products, we do not use a third party. You can even have your own bespoke tracker made for you and our guarantee means that any problems are solved by the people who have made the tracker for you.

At Tac-Com tracking, whether you are one of our corporate fleet clients that manage a varied range of vehicles and assets or an individual buying their first tracker, we will give you unsurpassed customer care, taking note of all your requirements to ensure that what you are purchasing is the finest tracker.

Whether you are tracking your fleet or monitoring your assets, using your bespoke tracker to protect your personal vehicle, or cycle or anything of value large or small Tac-Com tracking can provide the solution for you,

 We are entirely flexible in respect of both the solution itself and the financial package terms, take a look at all our products or call us to discuss any problem that you may have, let Tac-Com tracking be the solution.

In 2022 Tac-Com Tracking went through an application and verification process with the Luxembourg Chamber of commerce and was awarded the prestigious ‘Made In Luxembourg’  label and trademark. This trademark assures customers and clients that our products are genuinely made and produced to a very high standard in Luxembourg.

About Us