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About Us – Tac-Com Tracking: Your Trusted Source for GPS Covert Trackers.

Welcome to Tac-Com Tracking, your ultimate destination for all things related to GPS Covert Trackers, Hardwired Trackers, GPS Tracking, GPS Tracking Apps, and Car GPS Tracking. At Tac-Com Tracking, we take pride in being the industry leaders in providing cutting-edge tracking solutions.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Tac-Com Tracking is not just another tracking company; we are your dedicated partner in ensuring the safety and security of your assets. Every tracker we offer is meticulously hand-built at our own state-of-the-art workshop in Luxembourg by skilled technicians. These trackers are not just devices; they are a testament to our commitment to utilising the latest proprietary tracking technology to deliver global connectivity.

Experience That Sets Us Apart

Behind each of our tracker designs stands the Tac-Com Team, a diverse group of experts drawn from various walks of life and industries. This unique blend of experience and knowledge is what gives Tac-Com Trackers the edge over other tracking companies. We’ve been out in the field, working with trackers and tracking platforms, and we bring this wealth of hands-on experience to every product we offer.

Our Complete Solution

Unlike many other sellers, Tac-Com trackers are built to withstand the toughest challenges. We have our own tracking servers, mapping solutions, and App products, ensuring that we don’t rely on third parties. If you require a bespoke tracker tailored to your specific needs, we’ve got you covered. Our guarantee ensures that any issues you encounter are resolved by the very team that crafted your tracker.

Unsurpassed Customer Care

Whether you’re a corporate fleet manager overseeing a diverse range of vehicles and assets or an individual purchasing your first tracker, Tac-Com Tracking provides unparalleled customer care. We listen to your requirements and work tirelessly to ensure that the tracker you acquire is nothing short of exceptional.

Flexible Solutions, Tailored to You

Whether you’re tracking your fleet, safeguarding your personal vehicle, bicycle, or any valuable asset, Tac-Com Tracking has the perfect solution. Our flexibility extends not only to the tracking solution itself but also to the financial package terms. Explore our comprehensive range of products or reach out to us to discuss any unique challenges you face. Let Tac-Com Tracking be your trusted solution provider.

Committed to Excellence: ‘Made In Luxembourg’

In 2022, Tac-Com Tracking successfully completed an application and verification process with the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, earning the prestigious ‘Made In Luxembourg’ label and trademark. This emblem guarantees our customers and clients that our products are genuinely crafted and produced to the highest standards right here in Luxembourg.

Choose Tac-Com Tracking for unmatched quality, experience, and dedication to your tracking needs. We’re not just a tracking company; we’re your partners in safety and security.

About Us